My first moon picture using a webcam

Post your pics here, or questions about how to take pictures.
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Postby bhenderson50 » 01 Jan 2007, 22:42

I believe that the same webcam adaptor will do for most common webcams, as long as they have the standard lens mounting thread. The only way to tell for sure would be to try it out. Let me know when you would like to do that.

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Postby NightHawk » 02 Jan 2007, 02:31

bhenderson50 wrote:Hi Neil,
I think the best thing to do would be to let me have a look at your webcam. You could either bring it to me at home, or if you prefer, bring it along to the next meeting at the Bay Inn. All of the webcams I have seen have a removeable lens, which would allow you to fit the adaptor I mentioned. Until I see your webcam, I can't recommend which adaptor would be suitable, but we could certainly try mine first.

Thank you. I would like advise on this. I will contact you in the soon future.

bhenderson50 wrote:Your video settings for the webcam are fine, although I would recommend running at 10fps max - this is because at high frame rates a compression algorithn comes in to play, which can lose you some of the fine detail. 10fps will overcome this limitation. When you say you view the video frame by frame, how are you doing this? If you are manually reviewing the frames you will take a long time to process even a shortish video session. Registax will automatically review the frames for you very quickly, governed by quality limits you set up at the start, then will align and stack the selected frames for you. It's a great piece of freeware!

I did view the video frame by frame in VirtualDub and then saved the individual images I wanted.
I followed a tutorial on how to use Registax and imported my video. Registax seems to get very confused about this and the result is a picture of a white blob once processed. I believe this is because I was hovering the webcam over the eyepiece. Video of the moon appears and disappears frequently. I really need a static mount to the telescope. I believe my usb webcam is achieving 10fps after I found a setting in VirtualDub which displays framerate live.

bhenderson50 wrote:Take the quoted x233 magnification with a huge dose of salt! The generally accepted limitation for any telescope is about 60x the size of the objective in inches [spot the American influence!], which for your 60mm telescope would give an absolute maximum of around x140. This would be for ideal viewing conditions, which will almost never happen. x50-60 is the mag range you will most often use, and probably around x100 is the highest mag you will be able to use.
What this actually means is that the object you are viewing is brought 100 times closer to you.
Finding Saturn, which is starting to become interesting in the eastern sky later in the evening, can take a bit of practice, but trust me it is worth the effort. Nothing quite beats the "wow" factor of your first live view of Saturn.

Great information. Thanks for clearing things up. I have seen Saturn before and is one of the reasons I ventured more in to astronomy for a hobby. (A very common situation, I believe!)

My telescope will be picked up tomorrow for replacement or repair, due to the fine adjustment tool on the telescope has a fault. I think it was purchased from the same website you recommended to me for the camera adapter. The main Meade supplier and support specialist in the UK. They supposedly have a very fast turn around time. Hopefully I'm back sky gazing soon.

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