uk astro imaging site

Post your pics here, or questions about how to take pictures.
Solar B
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uk astro imaging site

Postby Solar B » 14 Dec 2006, 22:34

i enjoyed tonights intro very much and it was good to meet everyone , here is a link to UKAI i think that this is a superb site and is for the discerning astronomer , the amount of info on it is incredible and you could archive forever , if you post a question or image you will get answers , it does take a while to find your way round but its "worth it"
check it out its a bit tricky to join and after you have made one post , (just say someones image is good) you will have full access.

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I'm there

Postby pbholmes » 14 Dec 2006, 23:54

Right, that's me registered on there - not too difficult.
I'll have a good look round now.


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