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Posted: 23 Jan 2015, 16:39
by diane gulaboff
E-mail me at and I will forward a Link to a Bulgarian Site that has a short video of a detailed Hubble view of Andromeda. Quite stunning.
Also, I visited the Rozhen Observatory and took some pictures of the telescopes. ( the professional one is a Schmidt Cassegrain, 2 metres I think. There is a variety of telescopes that are available to the public to peek through. ) I can forward photos if anyone wishes.

Re: Andromeda

Posted: 30 Jan 2015, 19:46
by diane gulaboff
This is the Link for the Hubble pictures of Andromeda:вижте-най-голямата-снимка-на-света-(видео)-news353923.html.

It would not go as hyperlink, so please copy and paste in your browser.