Stargazing Live on the BBC - Early January

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Stargazing Live on the BBC - Early January

Postby pbholmes » 17 Nov 2010, 23:04

On January 3rd to 5th, the BBC are running a series of live shows about astronomy, to be called "Stargazing Live".


The details I have from the BBC so far are as follows:
Join us for Stargazing LIVE and inspire thousands of people to learn more about the night sky
From 3-5 January 2011, Professor Brian Cox will be presenting three very special nights of live astronomy programming on BBC Two.
The series coincides with a number of astronomical phenomena that audiences across the UK will be able to observe - including the alignment of Jupiter and Uranus, a partial solar eclipse and the Quadrantid meteor shower.
We want to inspire audiences to take a journey of stargazing discovery by letting them know about all of the great astronomy organisations in their area. Brian and the team will be inviting the nation to visit events run by partner organisations across the UK and we would like to invite you to join us in running a Stargazing LIVE event.

Stargazing LIVE events can take place any time from 3–16 January 2011. Your event could be something that you have already planned, or something you run especially for this occasion.  

Promotion and resources
Stargazing Live events will be listed on an event map on, the map will be promoted as part of the programmes to encourage the audience to find Stargazing LIVE events near them

Whatever you choose to do, we’ll support your event with free Stargazing LIVE resources, including:

   * Stargazing LIVE Star Guides to give away to your event participants. These include star charts for each season and top tips on what to look out for.
   * A3 and A4 posters for you to promote your events.

   * An Activity Pack with ideas to help plan your events. Activities include How to photograph the night sky and How to make a mini-plantetarium.

Your event can be of any size or shape, but there are a few criteria that it must meet in order for it to qualify as a Stargazing LIVE Event:

   * The event should be free for the public to attend, or run on a cost-recovery basis (i.e. charges are recovering the cost of putting on the event rather than profit-making)  
   * The event should be registered on our online events map and will be subject to the terms and conditions of this site.
   * You should be prepared to display BBC Stargazing LIVE branding and offer BBC Stargazing LIVE resources at the event.  

Our idea is to organise two evening events in Dalgety Bay in the first week of January. I am currently checking dates with the Kabin, and more details will follow soon.

Watch this space.

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