Understanding the Sun

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Understanding the Sun

Postby pbholmes » 20 Jun 2009, 10:00

Good news, bad news.

First the bad news: Renowned solar astronomer John A Eddy, formerly of the University of Colorado, and coiner of the term "Maunder Minimum" has died, aged 78. Obituaries in the Scotsman and New York Times.

Now the good news: Sunspots are back!
If you've been to any of our solar events, you will know by now that the sun has been at a minimum for sunspots recently. (The one I saw on gala day is the first one I've seen in two years.) Any of you hoping to see the Northern Lights will also have been disappointed, since solar activity is closely linked to aurorae too.

In a fascinating post on his blog Bad Astronomy, astronomer and author Phil Plait talks about the streams of gas under the surface of the sun that contribute to the solar cycle. Read it here.

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Postby Cosmic » 20 Jun 2009, 10:38

Sad news indeed. You forgot to add that anyone wishing to see sunspots should deff attend our Solar Event at Dunfermline High School on Monday 22nd June form 10:00 a.m.

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