Observing at last

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Observing at last

Postby Cosmic » 13 Apr 2009, 09:41

Hi All
Seems like forever that I have not been out observing and BANG! along came Saturday and Sunday together!

Saturday I decided to visit an old friend, Saturn. Well I wasn't dissapointed. The rings had opened since last time I saw them (Paul, I did notice the strange look you gave me when I told you they would open, this is the crossover stage when the rings open slightly before closing for the rest of 09-10)
I saw the shadow of the rings across the planets's surface and banding clearly seen on northern  and southern  hemispheres. I had a wonderful surprise too! 4 of saturn's moons (my previous record was just Titan). The moons were closer to saturn and the two outermost were aligned one above the other with the 3rd closer to the planet. Over the course of 2 hours the 2 outermost had change position slightly. This was more pronounced on Sunday when they had moved completely to the left of the planet.
It was truly wondrous just for the sight of the previously unobserved moons.
I also did a sweep of the area in coma berenices and observed 2 DSO's however, I can't identify them yet as the area is infested with stars in my 12 inch scope making any attempt at identification extremely difficult. (note to myself to try to improve my Star Hopping technique).

Equipment used 12" Skywatcher Flex-Tube Dobsonian. 2x barlow and Meade plossl 40mm 26mm and 12mm eyepieces. 15x70 Binoculars and yellow filter with Light pollution filter. (N*scafe Black and bikkies)

Countless satellites observed some in retro orbits and a metorite to boot.
All in all a very pleasurable 2 nights and a welcome break from the depression of recent weeks and the great British Weather!


(ps edited post ( take note Ian ) as i wouldn't like to be seen favouring Nescafe over Tesco's own label  :D )
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Solar B
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Postby Solar B » 13 Apr 2009, 13:48

Great Report Geoff....and its been almost as good during the day

Saw a Bight Loop Prom Form....then watched as one of its ends detached

before it finally dissappeared back into the Sun.....Awesome.

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