Mars Phoenix probe - NASA links

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Mars Phoenix probe - NASA links

Postby Alderney99 » 28 May 2008, 12:02

NASA are publishing raw & processed pics from the
Phoenix lander, as well as views from the existing
orbiters of the actual descent and of the lander itself
"on the deck".

The main Index is here ... index.html

Individual views include the main lander with the solar panels
outstretched, and the discarded parachute & heatshield. The
heavy processing also reveals the "granularity" of the surrounding
"semi-tundra" terrain. ... abeled.jpg

A "mid-descent" shot of the lander shows just how high a resolution
NASA cameras can now achieve (...and no doubt "other US agencies"
can achieve even better  :wink: ...) ... scent.html

Currently there is another radio "comms glitch" - Mars probes are
infamous for "hiccups" of all kinds! but hopefully this will be resolved
and the flow of pics continue shortly.

(Acknowledging Copyright (c) NASA/JPL)

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