Downloading from YouTube - can it be done?

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Downloading from YouTube - can it be done?

Postby Radge Badger » 05 Mar 2007, 22:50

At the meeting tonight this question was raised - when I got home I found this article in Q magazine. It may be of some use.

"Once you have the address for the video, you'll need to download and install CinemaForge Lite ( With that safely on your desktop, use "Select video from video website" (by hitting the appropriate "Get Video" button.) Put the address link into the "Paste URL" section, hit "Download" then "Done". On the main screen choose a format (MP4 for viewing on Ipod, for example) and location for saving the film, then hit "Start". Once converted, you'll be able to watch the movie without going to YouTube. "

Happy viewing!


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