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Postby seabay » 01 Jan 2007, 19:29

Hi everyone. Just wanted to say Happy New Year from Seaford, and congrats on the new forum. Hope all goes well with the club in the coming year! Never posted one of these before, so no idea if it will work!
Emma H

Solar B
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Postby Solar B » 01 Jan 2007, 20:46

welcome on board , thats great you have joined as you will bring a wealth of knowledge to this forum .

Everyone emma is a dear friend of mine and is the creator and editor of the brilliant Beginners Brief publication you may remember i handed out a couple of copies at our first meeting plus i gave out a copy of her superb "christmas 1968" article , iam sure that we all wish her a warm welcome. brian.

orphan of the sky
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Postby orphan of the sky » 02 Jan 2007, 14:48

Hi Emma,

Welcome to the gang!!! :D I couldn't make the last meeting so I haven't met the rest of the members yet, except online that is!!

Hope to see you and the others at the next meeting!!

Orphan of the Sky.

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Postby pbholmes » 02 Jan 2007, 17:55

Hi Emma,

Welcome aboard!
See you next time you're in Fife.


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