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Posted: 13 Nov 2007, 09:49
by astrogeorge
Hi there,
Can anyone give me directions from the train station to the bay inn.



Posted: 13 Nov 2007, 23:02
by pbholmes
Hi George,

The station has two exits - use the one with a pelican crossing by it. This exit will be on your left as you face the main road (A921).

Cross the road using the pelican crossing. (Ahead of you on your right, is a BP petrol station by a 4-exit roundabout.) Turn left, away from the BP station, and walk eastward along the main road until you come to a 3-exit roundabout.

At the three-exit roundabout, turn right, and head South along Regents Way. You will pass Dobbies on your left hand side, then come to another four-exit roundabout with a Vauxhall car dealership by it. Continue straight ahead at that roundabout, and soon you will pass Dalgety Bay church on your right.

Just after the church, also on your right, is the Bay Inn. (The Police Station and Tesco are also quite near the Bay Inn.)

Inside the Bay Inn, on the ground floor, there is a large restaurant room, and a smaller drinks-only bar. We meet in the small bar.

See you there,

Thanks Paul

Posted: 15 Nov 2007, 16:39
by astrogeorge
Thanks paul thats great, the maps a great help