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Posted: 25 Oct 2007, 21:05
by astrogeorge
Just signed up to your website so just thought i'd say hello. I've located from Falkirk to Kirkcaldy and will be attending your next meating in November.

Posted: 27 Oct 2007, 11:59
by Solar B
Welcome....see you there....

Posted: 28 Oct 2007, 19:26
by seabay
Welcome aboard, George - loving the moon image!


awrite chaps

Posted: 17 Dec 2007, 05:20
by cometcob
just a quick hiya fae me newbie to this stuff, never had a telescope or nothing before but got one for my youngest kids Xmas (LOL) hoping to possibly get some hints and tips to cut out a big learning curve and will try make a wee meeting or two :)

Just started a local info website in the last few weeks so will add your details to it as soon as I get a few more hours :)
probably in the community section