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Nice to meet you all tonight

Posted: 19 Feb 2007, 23:28
by adt175
Just a quick note to say it was great to meet you all tonight. As Arnie said, Ill be back!

Posted: 21 Feb 2007, 22:33
by Solar B
It was good to meet you too , hope to see you soon.

Posted: 20 Feb 2008, 19:28
by cazza
Andy, I agree it was good to meet everyone tonight and I'm glad you'll be coming back.  Ps your moon images from last week are great :D

Just also wanted to say that I really enjoyed Bob's talk on astronomical imaging using a web-cam.  I thought Bob made it interesting to everyone no matter what their level of experience in astronomy.  I am going to try taking some images of the moon but may need to get a copy of the presentation or give Bob a shout for help with the software!!

Hope to see everyone again at the next meeting.

Posted: 21 Feb 2008, 18:06
by bhenderson50
Hi Andy,
glad to get to meet you on Tuesday. You shot off before I got a chance to talk to you - I think you could probably help me to make progress with my imaging. Hope we get a chance to talk more in the future.

Posted: 24 Feb 2008, 01:08
by Solar B
Hi Bob
        I would,nt bother...i,ve seen quite a few of Andy,s images now
        and there all "pants".
        The trouble is that i can,t barr him from the next meeting as the
        blighter has paid his subscription  :D

Posted: 24 Feb 2008, 11:17
by adt175
I only came over last week because I wanted to steal Brian's Ethos eyepiece. But I couldn't get the bloody thing in the boot of the car it's that big.
And I did my back in when I picked it up...