Hello from Kirkcaldy

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Hello from Kirkcaldy

Postby Dariusz » 01 Mar 2017, 13:26

After our last night meeting I just like to say that it was great to meet you all at the kabin. It's good to know that there are people with similar interests living near by .
I've been into amator astronomy for about 2 years so not for long but I find it extremely interesting. As you could see it use the 8" Newtonian , except last night when it decided to do not cooperate . Current main target is Solar System objects and it's fotography however I'm trying to complete telescope setup for further guided deep sky astrophotography.
Observation site is mostly my back garden with 180° view straight on East with typical LP for sub of a small town. I'm more then happy to share my garden if anyone is interested.(got spare eq5 if needed.)
Also I'm looking for a descent dark sky place near Kirkcaldy so if anyone of you goes away for observing and don't mind to share the place just let me know.
Same for anyone who like to get out of town I'm sure we can find some good observation site.
I'm looking forward to see u at the Kabin or even earlier

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