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by bwh
07 Feb 2007, 22:50
Forum: Astronomical Events
Topic: Mercury: don't miss it!
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Have looked at both Venus and Mercury but cant for life of me get my scopes to show decent views.. get horrible spiky flickery objects not planet like objects.....

are these two tricky.... ?

Did wander around venus and spotted very faint blue object... doh! ... uranus ya beauty.

by bwh
07 Feb 2007, 22:46
Forum: Astrophotography
Topic: Saturn 06/02/07
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what size scope, how many frames, drool, etc etc
by bwh
07 Feb 2007, 22:33
Forum: Practical Astronomy
Topic: Recommend me a webcam for my telescope
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Hiya, first post.. sooo excited. Webcams... a hah! a while back i had cottage industry in dalgety bay, selling these over ebay... you could pick them up in the webcam sections for £30 and sell in the telelscope section for £100... then the chinese entered market.... doh! As andy says, Philips Toucam...

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