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by pbholmes
18 Nov 2006, 22:17
Forum: Astronomical Events
Topic: Meteor Showers, Nov-Dec 2006
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Meteor Showers, Nov-Dec 2006

In November, in the small hours, we have the Leonids.
In December, thoughout the night, the Geminids will make an appearance.

Source: The University of Texas McDonald Observatory.
Details and viewing tips:
by pbholmes
18 Nov 2006, 22:07
Forum: Astronomical Events
Topic: Comets, November 2006
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Comets, November 2006

At the moment, there are three readily visible comets on the go - Swan, Garrad and Faye. The only naked eye one (from a dark enough observing spot) is Swan, currently in Aquila (visible from here in the evenings). With binoculars, you might also see Faye, in Cetus, in the evenings, and Garradd, in S...
by pbholmes
18 Nov 2006, 21:29
Forum: Astronomical Events
Topic: Lunar Eclipses 2007
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Lunar Eclipses 2007

Two total lunar eclipses are predicted for 2007, on March 3rd and August 28th. The first of these will be visible here in Fife. March 3, Total, All continents. Visibility map August 28, Total, Americas, Asia and Pacific. Visibility...
by pbholmes
18 Nov 2006, 21:13
Forum: Astronomical Events
Topic: Solar Eclipses 2007
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Solar Eclipses 2007

There are two solar eclipses predicted for 2007, on March 19th and September 11th, but unfortunately neither of them will be visible from here. March 19, Partial, East Asia and Alaska. Visibility map September 11, Partial, South Am...

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