2023 – Second Half

Our dates for late 2023 are as follows:

  • Tue 26th September – Prof Martin Hendry Listening To Einsteins Universe – The Dawn & Exciting Future Of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
  • Tue 24th October – Dr Matjaz Vidmar Developments In The Scottish Space Industry
  • Tue 28th November – Ancy Anna John Exoplanets
  • Tue 5th 12th December – Douglas Cooper Post-processing with Pixinsight Workshop (Note new date of 5th December, not 12th as previously billed).

All meetings are 7.30-9.30pm, at the Kabin.

2022: We’re Back

Due to the pandemic, followed by a shortage of volunteers to run the club, we’ve been offline for a while – but now we’re back.

Meetings for the remainder of 2022 are:
October 25, 7.30pm: Imaging with Douglas Cooper
November 22, 7.30pm: Radio Astronomy with Dr Alec MacKinnon
December 6, 7.30pm: Telescope workshop, bring and buy, observing if clear.